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The alarm goes off and you hit it and roll over. You know that the extra few minutes of sleep will not help with the underlying "tiredness" you have been hauling around within you ever since you were assualted. 

Your husband comes back into the room and gently leans down to kiss you while stating "Good Morning, Love". You jump when his lips touch your cheek and shudder throughout your core. Images of the assualt start flooding you and you wonder how in the world are you going to make it through another day. The alarm tolls and reluctantly you drag yourself out of the bed all the while noting that your husband kiss, your innocent husband, who has never laid a hand on you or forced you to do anything you did not want to do, mere presence in the bedroom has you shaking like a leaf. You berate yourself internally. "What is the matter with me? Why am I letting this traumatic event affect me so much? A lot of other people have been through traumas that are so much worse!!! I have got to pull myself out of this; You have kids for God's Sake! AND IT IS OVER!!! It is in the past!!!

DO you ever find yourself berating yourself for experiencing an event which has literally rerouted your life direction. You know the traumatic event was not your fault. But you cannot stop ruminating about the fact that if you had only...? Or, maybe God/ the Universe is punishing you for...? If only you had...!

TRAUMA is NOT your fault. When Trauma/ trauma happens be it Big T or Little t in your mind it stole your right to choose your life direction. 

Traumatic events, if not addressed with someone who specializes in healing it will fester like an open physical wound that has not been treated. When our physical body is cut, bruised, or broken and the ailment is not addressed it can lead to consequences that can cause a limp, a serious infection, sepsis and/ or a loss of a limb or death.

TRAUMA has the same effect but on the mind/ soul/ heart. 

And TRAUMA untreated will lead to "death."

In life, we all go through trauma. These events may leave behind open wounds that we do not have the tools, the support, or the means to heal from. 

Not being able to heal from traumatic events does not mean your are lazy, weak, and/or are not working hard enough to put the past in the past.

Traumatic events and/or "life on life's terms" can lead to situations that leave us feeling unglued and afloat, sad and overwhelmed by grief, numb as we watch ourselves go through the motions, we may lose our sense of purpose, alone although we are surrounded by a group of friends, desperate to stop the internal turmoil and possibly feelings of shame, and... the list goes on.

You may have heard such adages as:

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!" Or, 

"Why do you have to live in the past?"

"Just get over it!"


Sometimes we do not have the boots to pull up. When we are in this type of situation we need someone to step in and aid us with the means to stand up.

I am here to help you stand up. 

I am here to help you heal.

I am here to help you regain your strength.

Together, We can help you boldly move forward in your life and live the life you chose to create, a life filled with your purpose/ your vision/ your truth, The life you were given this one life to live?