About Sibley Fleming, LPC

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Transformative Trauma Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Championing Empowerment & Healing Through Therapeutic Practice

A native of Atlanta, GA, Sibley Fleming is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in treating trauma.

With many years of experience in the mental health settings, she has honed her skills as a trauma therapist. Cultivating a profound understanding of the nuanced and complex journey of healing from trauma, she effectively tailors her approaches to cater to each client's unique experiences and needs.

Sibley's dedication to the field of mental health has led her through various positions––from outpatient care at the Atlanta Center of Eating Disorders (ACE) to inpatient work at Ridgeview Institute on the Trauma and Eating Disorder Unit (RVI), and even within a group Practice at Thriving Heart Healing Arts Associates.

Now, she brings her vast experience to her private practice: Chosen Path Therapy, in Atlanta, GA.

Sibley's Unique Therapeutic Approach

At Chosen Path Therapy, Sibley integrates art, psychology, and multiple theoretical approaches to create an eclectic therapeutic process.

Unlike conventional trauma therapy, her approach doesn't pathologize individuals––it gives them the opportunity to use all means of communication to express their stories and needs.

My Mission

Chosen Path Therapy strives to help one trauma survivor at a time my Vision is to help heal anyone who yearns to be better and thus do better.

My Process

When we work together we will create an indovodualized plan to as a team address destructive behaviors that are keeping you from meeting your highest potential and achieving your life long purpose.

Let's work together

I would love to join with you to become the person you want to be. Please step out of your comfort zone and reach out to me. I promise through our work together you regain your voice and choose to live a life worth living.

I Believe:

  • I believe That everyone has a purpose for this life 
  • Everyone is unique and is telling their story which is the truth to them 
  • Everyone deserves to be heard not only listened to 
  • That no one ever deserves to be abused 
  • In an All encompassing Loving essence which accepts all of us just as we are 
  • I believe that in order to change one first must accept where one is 
  • I believe that addictions are tools we used to survive a part of life that we emotionally had no other tools to do so with 
  • I do not believe in the use of SHAME for any reason ever 
  • I believe that we all deserve to live life to our utmost joy and not endure it via displeasure. 
  • I believe in the power of Hope 
  • I believe that if words are not adequate to express what we are feeling there are other tools like the arts, pet therapy, music… therapy which one can use to process what is troubling someone. 
  • I believe that everyone is doing the best they can and that everyone can do better 
  • I believe that parents, friends, kids, partners, brothers, … are not perfect in fact no one is perfect and if you meet someone who believes she is run for your life. 
  • I believe that we all deserve to thrive 
  • I believe that every persons life story is valid, truthful, and needs to be shared in order for the world to meet its fullest potential.
  • I do not believe in failure. 
  • I believe instead that we are constantly evolving and learning. 
  • I believe that what seems to be failure is actually an opportunity to experience growth. 

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