About Chosen Path

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Commitment to Empowerment

A fundamental part of Sibley's philosophy as a mental health therapist is shifting the power dynamic often seen in therapeutic relationships.

Avoiding the term "patients", and instead preferring "clients", she works with each individual to foster a sense of partnership and empowerment.

Frequently working alongside psychiatrists and other service providers to ensure her clients receive comprehensive care, Sibley encourages a collaborative approach where everyone involved in her client's care is aligned with their objectives and strategies––enabling a seamless and supportive healing journey.


At Chosen Path Therapy, her mission is to combat the effects and progression of generational trauma one person at a time, utilizing the concept of the ripple effect.

By helping trauma survivors understand their behaviors and providing them with tools to alter their life choices, she supports them in taking back control of their lives.

Her ultimate purpose is to initiate healing––one trauma survivor at a time––knowing that the impact of this healing will extend beyond the individual and create a ripple effect of change and hope.

Core Values

Sibley values each client as a whole person, and she firmly believes that all individuals, at their core, are good people doing their best with the tools they have at the moment.

Embracing the idea that everyone has the potential for change––and having seen powerful healing transformations in our practice––she is committed to the belief that liberation from shame and fear is a human right.

Instilling a sense of hope and confidence in her clients, and reassuring them that they too can overcome their challenges and reshape their lives, Sibley works to ensure that all voices are heard.

Chosen Path Therapy is a safe, accepting space where you can be your most authentic self.

If you're seeking a unique therapeutic process that values your voice and empowers you to take control, consider Chosen Path Therapy!

Reach out for a consultation––together, we can create the life you deserve.