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Discover Healing and Empowerment Through Compassionate Trauma Counseling

Embark On a Path to Resilience and Personal Growth

You don't have to face your trauma alone.

At Chosen Path Therapy, I’m here to support and uplift you to overcome challenges and embrace a life of fulfillment and well-being.

Whether you’re seeking to heal from past experiences or hoping to find specialized trauma therapy in Atlanta, I am here to walk alongside you as you regain control of your life and transform into the best, most empowered version of yourself.

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Healing Through Specialized Trauma Counseling

Living with trauma can profoundly impact your daily life, relationships, and overall well-being.

Chosen Path Therapy was founded to provide trauma counseling services to support you in your journey towards safely and confidently moving forward––and away from your past.

Together, we will work to explore the effects of trauma on your mental and emotional health, develop coping strategies to navigate triggers and create a safe space for processing and healing from trauma.

With the help of my trauma counseling services, you’ll find the strength and resilience needed to reclaim your life and embrace a future glimmering with the bright light of hope.

Transforming Trauma into Strength and Resilience

As a licensed therapist in Georgia, my approach is deeply personal––tailored to your unique needs and born from my own experiences with trauma and recovery.

My struggle with life-threatening addiction––which developed due to childhood trauma––consumed more than half my life.

However, that same struggle gave me profound insights and a deep-seated empathy for those facing similar challenges. Now––with over 20 years in recovery and in practice––I'm living testament to the transformative power of well-guided therapy.

Along with academic research at Emory University and the University of West Georgia, my work goes beyond a career—it's my life purpose and my passion. As a human being who has walked in these shoes, my aim is not merely to help clients survive, but to help them thrive and flourish in a life of purpose.

Together, we can work to…


the impact of trauma on your life


strategies for navigating complexities


you to reclaim control and purpose

Using evidence-based techniques and a client-centered approach, we'll address underlying issues and build a path towards confident and peaceful living––at long last transforming trauma into strength and the perseverance to move forward confidently.

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Meet Your Therapist, Sibley Fleming

As an Atlanta-based LPC specializing in trauma treatment, I am passionate about empowering individuals to transform pain into purpose. With 8 years of experience in diverse mental health settings, I bring an eclectic approach that integrates art, psychology, and non-verbal communication to our sessions. Together, we can uncover the strength within you and rewrite the narrative of your past––planting the seeds for a more beautiful tomorrow.

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